Saturday, March 17, 2012

It's a Boy! He's Seven!

Yesterday evening we received a call from the county: could we be foster parents for a 7 year old? Sure, count us in! And 30 or so minutes later, we found ourselves responsible for the health and well being of the most wonderful 7 year old ever.

Of course, we know nothing about 7 year olds (or 6 years olds, or 5 year olds...). When do they go to sleep? What time do they wake up? What do they eat? Can they read? Write? Is that showering age, or bath age? Do you cut up their food for them, or do they do it themselves?

A little over 24 hours later, I do believe I know the answer to most of those questions (at least for our little man).

He really is a gem. So polite and well mannered. He coughed into his sleeve, which instantly won Shira's heart. He played Legos with me, which won mine.

Today, we put together two puzzles, had coloring time, reading time, went to the park and played soccer - and it was only 10:30am! Man, I'm seriously out of practice with this parenting thing.

Anyway, as with foster care in general, we don't know if we'll have this little guy for days, weeks, months or longer. But, we know that we're in all in for a fun adventure! Starting with day #2 tomorrow...

Wish us luck, and expect more parenting items on the blog coming soon.


  1. The Other Ben Simon9:26 PM

    Ben, you and your wife are amazing.
    True Baalei Chessed.

  2. Thanks for the kind words Ben!

  3. Fantastic news! I wish you the best and applaud your generosity and caring.

  4. So exciting!! I hope I'll get to meet him!

  5. I wish I had just half your compassion and, well... energy. :-)

  6. Shira and Ben-
    Wow! I'm in awe of the two of you! So amazed by your willingness to open up your lives. Hope this turns out to be such a joy!

  7. Thanks Everyone for the supportive comments - they're really appreciated.