Wednesday, March 21, 2012

VA Sonogram Law - Sharing Stories

As it stands now, I'm against the VA Ultrasound Law. The law implies that the current rules for gaining informed consent for an abortion aren't effective, and for this one procedure, a special rule needs to be crafted. Is there any evidence that this is true? How can you read this law as anything other than the government's last ditch gilt trip to get a woman to change her mind?

But would such a gilt trip really be so bad?

After reading this article, I see it hard not to answer any other way than Yes. In fact, it's worse than "bad," it's down right evil. This story took place in Texas, not Virginia, which seems to have an even stronger law. But result seems the same: having the government put up barriers to medical procedures is wrong.

So, tell me, where's the evidence that this is a good idea? At the very least, where's a story that moves me to say this bill is a good thing? That would at least be a start.

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