Sunday, March 04, 2012

The Twins turn 3 and Tzipora is super cute

I'm typing this at 35,000 feet, as we zoom back to DC from Boston. We spent a quick, but, wonderful weekend with the Twins and Tzipora (oh yeah, we saw their parents, too).

Everyone is doing absolutely brilliantly!

On Friday, the whole family (parents included), visited the Boston Children's Museum. The kids naturally had a blast. This morning, they were still raving about how much fun they had "driving the bus" (that is, playing in the school bus exhibit and sitting in the driver's seat). The twins definitely loved the water play the museum offers, and Tzipora soaked up some serious daddy-daughter play time in one of the baby rooms.

Personally, one of the highlights of the weekend was that Twins are now old enough to have project time! One project involved carefully decorating a paper plate with stickers, and another sculpting with play-doh. They definitely showed off their attention span skills to pull this off. Being able to tackle projects opens up a whole new world for Uncle Ben!

Tzipora is a crawing and cruising maven, and so beyond adorable.

What a fun and exciting visit - we were so sad we had to go. But, hopefully, we'll see them again soon!

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