Sunday, March 25, 2012

Idea: Photo + Biking Biathlon

A regular biathlon works as a sport because of the natural extremes each activity requires. The cross-country skiing part is all about speed and drives your heart rate up, while the rifle part is all about precision and a need for a steady hand.

On my last bike ride, where I found myself jumping off every once in a while to snap photos, I noticed some of that same tension. The biking side of me wanted to cover the max amount of mileage, while the photography side of me kept seeing new angles and demanded I take my time.

So here's my suggestion: we setup a course that folks are expected to ride for time. Along the way, each rider could snap as many or few photos as they want. At the end of the race, each rider would pick 3 photos to display and be judged. You earn points for both time and the photo quality.

A person with a mediocre time and great photos may win, or it may go the other way, and a super fast rider with OK photos wins the day.

There'd be plenty of room for riders to develop their own unique strategy: do you bring lots of gear, hope for great shots and live with a slower time? Or, do you go with a Go Cam strapped to your helmet and shoot for maximum speed?

I think the results would be interesting to say the least.

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