Tuesday, December 03, 2013

A Local Bank Robbery Tale Too Whacky To Believe

It's the same old story: a guy robs a bank, then claims he was hired by the CIA to do so, and best of all, the police believe him.

Actually, this isn't a plot to silly movie, but an actual case. One that This American Life shared in a recent episode, and you can read about here. What blows my mind is that (a) this took place earlier in the year, and (b) it took place effectively in my backyard. One of the robberies happened in Alexandria, the next town over.

As Kevin Mitnick so clearly taught us, it's amazing what one can accomplish with a little social engineering. An authoritative voice, and a heck of a lot of chutzpah go a long, long, way.

Listen to the Story | Read the Story

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