Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Quintessential Washington DC Snowday

Here's how yesterday played out:

6:30am: I wake up. Shira gives me the good news: all the schools in the area are closed, the Federal Government is shutdown. It's a snow day!

6:32am: I look outside. There's no snow. I inquire as to the deal.

6:33am: Shira explains to me that local news sources are reporting: (1) the snow is *coming*, perhaps up to 8 inches of it, and (2) being on the roads at this point is grounds for insanity. Sure, there's no snow, but it's coming. And it will be bad. Really bad.

6:40am: Snow starts falling. Big, wet flakes.

10:00am: I glance outside, there's a tiny amount of accumulation, but mostly it just looks nice out.

11:00am: I get on a call with a customer from Florida. As I'm explaining that we're in full lock down mode, and expecting 8 inches of snow, Shira chimes in. The forecast has been updated: we're actually expecting to get 2 inches. Whoa, what?! 2 inches of snow?

1:57pm: I step out to take some photos of the neighborhood, like I did during the ice storm the day before. Unlike that storm which left us with dramatic scenes everywhere, this one is a bit more bland. Here's a few of the more dramatic photos I capture:

In reality, it's just a nice day out:

And there you have it, life during a DC snow day. Of course, the one time that they don't shut down the city at the threat of snow is the time that it hits. And when it hits, more than likely, a massive number of people will be stranded either in DC at their work place, or on the roads. And that does actually have the makings for a significant emergency. So, as much as I rag on the snow polices around here, they aren't without some logic.

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