Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Review: Ovo Simply Veggie

This afternoon Shira and I tried Ovo Simply Veggie for lunch. The fact that it was an all vegetarian cafe meant I was hoping it was going to be good. But I've got to say, it far, far exceeded my expectations.

Everything from the generous quantity of Oolong tea, to the delicious vegan wonton soup (the wonton contents are a delicious mystery to me), to the well textured and flavored tofu was terrific. Shira got a mushroom based dish, and the texture was far more like fake beef than anything mushroom like. (That's a good thing by the way).

If I did have to offer a criticism it would be that the menu was confusing to understand. When the gal at the counter explained it, it made perfect sense.

The place may be a cafe with almost a fast food setup (more Noodles and Company that McDonald's), but the taste of the food is what I'd expect from a nice sit down restaurant.

Definitely worth checking out next time your in the College Park area.

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