Monday, December 09, 2013

The Art Therapy I Didn't Know I Needed

Last Friday night, after a delightful Shabbatdinner, my Sister-in-law busted out some foam-like modeling clay. David, She and I then went to work making whatever creation came to mind.

Shira stood on the sidelines being thankful that this wasn't some mandatory art class.

Maryn, with her 3rd grade teacher skills and black belt in crafting made a perfectly sculpted snow man. From the top hat to the itty-bitty bow tie, this guy was perfect.

My creation was a tad less sophisticated. But it had heart, and I'm quite certain my mommy would be proud of me for making it.

The big surprise, to me anyway, was David's creation. It's a modern art creation that's truly wonderful. I don't exactly know what it means, but clearly it could be on display at some Modern Art Museum somewhere. If the science thing is ever a bust, making art may be my brother's backup calling.

Seriously, this was fun. Next time you've got a dinner party, leave the wine at home and bring the modeling clay. Or better yet, bring both and use both in copious amounts.

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