Sunday, December 29, 2013

Parchment Paper, My New Kitchen Best Friend

Shira was doing some baking over the weekend, and I noticed she was using Parchment Paper (as I've seen her do in he past). Surely some blogger has reported in on the bazillion uses for this stuff, right?

Of course right. I give you: 10 Handy Uses for Parchment Paper, Parchment Paper Has Numerous Kitchen Uses and 6 New Uses For Parchment Paper

Apparently, this is handy stuff. It's not quite as versatile as Aluminum Foil, but it appears to be more food friendly.

My favorite ideas: using to make food cones (like eating fries or popcorn from a cone), using it to collect up sifted ingredients (I just grated cheese onto a sheet, which was more convenient than a plate) and making meal packets like I used to do in Scouts with tin foil (put veggies and meat in foil, wrap it up, toss it in the fire. A while later, enjoy your raw but good intentioned meal).

What's your favorite use for Parchment Paper?

Update: Shira noted this comment on the Rachel Ray blog, which brings up a good point: isn't all this playing with Parchment Paper a waste of money?

Jolyne Dunn says:
November 18, 2013 at 12:29 am
Apparently money is no object for you. Parchment paper is expensive. I use it very sparingly.

Emily Wyckoff says:
November 18, 2013 at 4:09 pm
@Jolyne – Quite the contrary! I used to think parchment paper was outrageous too until I started buying in bulk. I buy giant rolls on amazon – here is the link – 100 feet is $20. I usually only need to buy 2 each year and I have a baking business so I use a lot. I am also saving money on water (less dishes) and new pots and pans (saves on wear and tear).

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