Monday, December 30, 2013

The Chap-Kit: The Utility Kit for Your Skinny Jeans

Every spy worth his or her salt has an E&E Kit stashed somewhere on them. E&E? That's Escape and Evade, and is used for exactly what you think it's used for: busting out of the handcuffs the bad guys have so foolishly locked you in, so you can continue on with your mission of rescuing the prince/princess. Being a fan of nearly anything kit based, this sort of thing is right up may alley.

Alas, carrying around a handcuff key (or better yet, 10 of them) and a diamond saw are probably going to cause more headaches than they fix. Still, I can adapt the concept, right?

Building on the idea that you can turn a Chapstick into a cash container, I couldn't resist turning it into asmall utility kit. I give you the Chap-Kit:


Paired up with a Binder-Clip Wallet and you've got a super compact, Eagle Scout Approved, setup.

If you're like me, you're more likely to use the kit to trim a stray thread on a shirt, or use the safety pin to replace a lost pants button, than you are to need to bust out of some North Korean jail. But hey, you never know. See, that paper clip could easily save the day:

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