Monday, December 19, 2005

Acura Service

Tonight we took in Shira's Acura TL (named ZZ) for his schedule B service. Usually, this wouldn't be anything too exciting to blog about. Yet, as I have probably written here before, I'm very impressed with the Acura service department.

It's not the free wi-fi or drinks that impress me (though they are nice touches), it's the hours they keep. They keep the service department open till 2am nightly (well, most nights). When they told me this while I was buying the car I thought they were joking - but it's true. And it's as nice as it sounds. No more missing work just to fit to some garage's schedule.

This is a perfect example of Ben's third rule of running a successful business: find out what your customer's want and give it to them.

In the case of a car garage, I want to be able to have it fit my schedule, not vica-versa. And that's what they did. It meant hiring a night shift, but who cares, they've earned my, and I'm sure many other's business.

So next time your customers want something, and it doesn't seem like you can give it to them - think about what Acura is doing.


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