Saturday, December 17, 2005

Quick Trip - Atlantic City

Shira and I decided to take a quick trip to Atlantic City. Shira enjoys the gambling, I enjoy the quiet time in the hotel room. We both win out on this type of trip.

Attached are a few shots of AC by night. Of course there are the flashy, bright lights of the casinos. But most of the area is just dark and run down. The unflattering shot here is taken from the boardwalk between casinos. Yuck.

Well, Shira's at a blackjack table and I've got my laptop attached to a wireles network. All is well with the world.



  1. So any truth to the rumor that the laptop was eventually used as collateral on the blackjack table? :P

  2. No, she would pawn the engagement ring long before the laptop went on the table.