Thursday, December 08, 2005

My Next Stove

This evening I've come up with a must have feature for my next oven - internet access. Why on earth should I have to leave a nice warm bed to go downstairs to the kitchen, just to get a simple piece of information - is the oven on.

Instead, my next stove will be able to answer this question anywhere I have an internet connection (like from my sidekick, which I can use in the warm bed).

At first I though the answer was a wb sever on the oven. I'd hit some URL and get the vital stats.

But now that I've thought about it, I think an I'M bot interface would be way cooler. Imagine the conversation we (me and the oven) could have...

(Of course the oven is named Ken...)


Ben> hey Ken, yt?

Ken> oc, what's up?

Ben> you turned on?

Ken> Yeah baby!

Ben> How hot are you?

Ken> Really hot

Ben> Come on Ken, be serious. What are you set at.

Ken> You are no fun Ben. I'm current 225 degrees


Now, how could that be a bad idea?


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