Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Under the knife

I just finished having very minor surgery on my neck. I'm not even sure it counts as surgery, as the goal was to remove a harmless cyst. Still, a scalpal was used so in my book, it counts.

The process was pretty painless. Though the only thougt I had during the whole event was - gosh, this Dr. Has the worst customer service ever. I kept thinking to myself that I really do have to switch doctors, as this one is ridculous.

How so?

- She didn't know my name.

- she didn't know anything about my last visit

- she did nothing to try to make me feel comfortable during the process

- the majority of the words she did say were to her nurse, talking about the surgery (training her maybe?)

- she used the side of my head as a table to hold supplies, and didn't applogize or explain to me what she was doing

- she complained about how little money doctors make these days

- I had been trying for 3 weeks to get her to fill a prescription or at least call me back. She never did, nor did she acknowledge my efforts over the weeks

- she treated me like an interruption in her day

All of these issues could have been resolved by reading my chart, annotating it with a few small details, and simply putting forth a bit of effort.

Does she need to do all that fluffy stuff? Not at all. Of course, I don't need to go to her in the future either.


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