Thursday, December 01, 2005

Moblogging Blues

Apparently, Danger Inc, (the company that supports my Sidekick) is having server issues. It's odd, because my attempt to send e-mail with pictures fail (well, they don't fail - just never leave my outbox). This makes moblogging tricky especially because I really like using a picture or two to give the message some extra context.

But this note isn't all bad. It's worth noting that T-mobile has their support system setup to direct all sidekick questions to a Danger help desk. That means that I don't have to some generic clueless person who thinks that every problem I have is related to me not being able to send SMS messages.

Instead, I talk to a person who knows my network and my device. And in no time he confirmed that they did indeed have a known issue.

It's a nice setup and reminds me that customer service doesn't have to be hell.


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