Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Rosenthal Effect

I dropped my car off yesterday at the dealer (Rosenthal Chevrolet) for the 100k mile service package. Ya know, the service that has a big long list of things they do and costs and arm and a leg? Most of the items on the list are overpriced, even I know that. Yet I really trust the guys there and they have always taken good care of me.

Anyway, the Rosenthal Effect is what happens every time I drop off the car. I get the call back: "Ben, we got your car...and the mechanics were checking it over and foud _____ wrong with it." Actually, they usually find 3 or 4 things wrong with it. 3 or 4 expensive things of course.

This time it was the AC compressor and the rear brakes (about $1200 total for parts + labor).

This happens everytime.

Now, all is not lost because I have a buddy Justin, who is a car hacker. That's a good friend to have. Need something on your car fixed, like say an AC compressor and he'll do it. And if you are nice, he'll even let you help. When I needed my frony brakes done he helped out by doing one brake and supervising me while I replaced the other. (Note to readers: given the chance, ride in Shira's car)

So, now I look to the Rosenthal Effect as something of value. For essentially free, they will diagnose my car problems. Then, I take it out of their shop and have a friend help me learn to make the repair. How cool is that?


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