Thursday, September 07, 2006

Dev Management Ideas and another Peopleware Sighting

Here's another Peopleware sighting. This time on Joel Spolsky's blog.

Joel discusses a topic which is core to Peopleware - doing smart, but seemingly expensive, things to make your teams more productive. Some of these smart things aren't all that obvious, such as giving people on your team private offices or flying them first class when they travel.

Joel even quotes some one from a VC conference who says:

"You have to read this book," he said. "This is the bible of how to run a software company. This is the most important book out there for how to run software companies."

So there you have it, another good endoresment to read the book.

I was most impressed with Joel, as he managed to suggest that the Aeron Chair, the very symbol of the dot com bubble ($900 for an office chair - yeah, that sounds about right for a symbol of the good 'ol days), is a smart investement for your programmers.

I'm a bit nervous if I my team reads this article - as no doubt they will be wondering when their "two large (21") LCD screens (or one 30" screen)" are going to be showing up on their desks. Thanks Joel, I owe you one.

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