Thursday, September 28, 2006

Mobile Content Good News

There have been two announcements of late which are good news for those who crave mobile content. (Which should be anyone with a mobile device and gray time on their hands.)

First, Bloglines announced that their mobile version will now take advantage of Skweezer. Skweezer is an on the fly rendering engine that converts complex websites into tiny-device-friendly pages.

If you want, you can use Skweezer on its own, to turn your WAP browser into a device that can access tons of useful content.

The second bit of news is that Weblogs, Inc has setup all its blogs to have a mobile version. This means you can read Engadget or Joystiq on your mobile phone in a painless fashion.

So far these changes appear to make the sites even more sidekick friendly (though I've mostly been taking advantage of Skweezer).

The bottom line is that next time I'm stranded in Nordstroms I'll have plenty to read.

Via: Micro Persuasion

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  1. Skweezer is a nice addition. Before that was out, there were sites I'd block from Bloglines mobile because they were to un-friendly on mobiles. I'm still not a fan of reading truncated feeds on my mobile though, which is the most common time I have to click over, so life could still be better.