Monday, September 04, 2006

Take a Hike!

Shira and I took advantage of our day off by going for a hike at Harper's Ferry. We found the 6.9 mile hike in the guide book 50 Hikes in Northern Virginia.

The excursion turned out to be a really fun one. The hike included some time in the forest, as well as historic Harper's Ferry and along a (very flat) canal which parallels the Potomac River.

The trickiest part of the hike was finding the trail head. Apparently, this book was written before GPSs were that common, as it could have saved us a lot of trouble by simply telling us the longitude and latitude of where to start.

So, for the record, if you want to do hike 16 of 50 Hikes in Northern Virginia, the one titled Splits Rocks/Jefferson's Rock, start at: 39.32173 degrees North, and 77.74294 degrees West. It really is nice hiking, fitting somewhere between basic to medium level difficulty.

Shira was a real trooper. She plowed through all the up hills, and didn't ask once how much longer we had to go. The guide book kept mentioning that there were large patches of poision ivy, so if we both end up with rashes, that's our excuse.

Here are some photos from the hike, the rest can be seen here

And here's the route we took, courtesy of my Garmin eTrex and GPS Visualizer

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