Monday, September 04, 2006

Review: Invincible

We saw Invincible - a feel good Disney film about an unlikely football player.

It promised to be a heart warming story based on a real person - and it didn't let us down.

This is good old fashion, wholesome fun for the whole family, film. No sex, no bad language - just a lots of crunching football violence and the underdog battling it out.

It's enough to almost want to make me tune into the football season this year. Almost being the operative word there.

I give the movie a 8.46/10 for being fun, but not particularly challanging.

P.S. - why is it that randomly snapped pictures in a dark theatre come out OK, but posed pictures in just slightly sub par light come out terrible? Oy, this sidekick can be a pain sometimes.


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