Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Secret Messages and Other Goodies

Learning Morse Code has been on my list of things to do for quite some time. And as soon as I get some free time, I'm so going to learn it. Why? It seems like a handy protocol to know - just think, with a single flashing LED, or tone, you can transmit an entire novel's worth of information.

Make pointed me to this nifty site which generates a .mp3 file of morse code tones from arbitrary text. This, I suppose is useful for practice, and for passing these messages around.

I made my first example here. Natrually, I can't understand the file yet. So for now I'm thinking of this as a way of leaving myself a message which I can pick up in the future.

Along the way to writing this post, I realized I needed a place where I could host some media. In the past I've used OurMedia, but I find it so clusmy to use. And this time, it simply wouldn't allow me to upload my .mp3 file.

So off to Google I went, in search of a replacement. I Googled for host media files, and didn't see any useful results. However, as an AdWoreds listing, I noticed (Gosh I love it when advertising works!)

They promised free storage - and boy did they deliver. The setup process was painless. I now have a Gig of free storage, no questions asked. No annoying ads (or any ads at all). It even comes with a very friendly Web 2.0 look & feel.

As you can see from my test post, works well with Blogger, and also provides an easy way to share media.

I'm so sold.

-... . -.

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