Monday, January 14, 2008

Back. Kinda. Sorta.

We are back in the DC area. Shira was a most excellent travel agent and
got us perfect seats on the way home (emergency exit row, but, with the
ability to recline). And the flight from CA to Dulles was the easiest
I've had in a while. I closed my eyes at take off and opened them when
we landed. Yeah, it was that easy.

So we are back. First, the Kind Of part.

Shira has a 2nd week in West Virginia at her thing, and last week went
so well, that I decided to join her for another week here. So it's more
of the hotel life for me. But I can't complain, this whole come home to
a maid-cleaned room is really kind of nice. I hope to get into the
center of town a bit more this week, and continue to explore.

Now the Sort Of part. My uncle has been batteling brain cancer for
about 15 months now (which is considered very long for this type of
cancer). When we arrived in CA we learned that he was being moved into
hospice. It looks like his long fight may soon be over. He lives just
a few miles from grandparents, so, we may be flying back out to
California soon to be with him.

This situation just sucks. One can only hope that my uncle finds peace
and has the best possible outcome - whatever that may be.

So we are back in town. Kind of. Sort of.


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