Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Old School Chinese Restaurant

We're back in our little West Virginia get away tonight and Shira and I
decided to live it up head into town for dinner. Mind you, "town"
appears to consists of two square blocks and no stop light. I happen
think this is awesome.

We hit the chinese restaraunt for dinner and it was delightful (I say
"the" and not "a" because I'm pretty sure this is a one Chinese
restaurant town).

None of this PF Changs cutting edge fusion food crap - we're talking an
old school Chinese restaurant, where you fill up on those crunchy
noodles before the meal shows up, you get hot tea which is probably
Lipton and not some authentic green tea variety, and there's way too
much food to eat.

It was delicious.

Even my fortune cookie had a *real* fortune in it - I'm getting good
news in the mail (whooo!) - versus some lucky numbers or proverb

I'm in the mood to appreciate little gifts, and tonight I think Shira
and I got one.


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