Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Using Google To Advertise Anything

I don't think you can appreciate why Google is billion dollar company until you've advertised your services on it. It's just a amazing, for a relatively small amount of money, you can get highly targeted, highly measured results. And for the small guys like me, it totally levels the playing field against bigger competitors.

But I think this latest ad I saw is pushing it. It's advertising New Zealand. Not visiting New Zealand, but suggesting that you move there. I can just hear the conversation between husband and wife on this one...

Husband: Hey Honey, I was reading my e-mail today, and saw an ad for New Zealand. Let's move there!

Wife: Are you nuts?

Husband: No, seriously. They took me to a website where I saw all the details. Let's do it!

Wife: You are nuts.

Husband: But honey! You never let me move to foreign countries on an impulse...I bet Chuck's wife would let their family move there. Whatever Chuck says, goes, ya know.

Wife: Then why don't you go sleep with Chuck tonight.

Husband: <grumbling> Fine. I won't move us to a foreign country. But you suck the fun out of everything.

Wife: What?!

Husband: Nothing, honey, love you lots.

Worst of all, for a country that speaks English on a daily basis (that's the website, says anyway) the ad text couldn't be more convoluted: - Work in New Zealand Live. Work. Play. NZ Govt Site

Is that really the best they could do? Maybe they don't use full sentences in New Zealand, and this looks perfectly normal to them.

I just wonder if they see the ROI from this sort of advertising. With all the different types of people out there on the web, they probably do.

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