Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Trip To The Gallery

We hit the art gallery tonight, and boy do I feel cultured! The show
was of Ansel Adams' work and it was absolutely wonderful.

I had done a little homework on Ansel's career, so it was wonderful to
see both his famous pictures up close, as well as plenty of shots I had
never seen before.

There was also a tour guide walking us through various photos, which was
a real treat. Ansel Adams was truly a technical genius, which really
comes across when some of the details of his prints are explained.

Shira gets trooper of the year award for tagging along on this trip.
She saw the entire exhibit in about 4 minutes flat, and then patiently
waited while I saw all the pictures and heard all there was to hear.
That's true love. That's also a woman with access to Gmail chat and
she's not afraid to use it.

The picture of the photos on the wall are of the famous Surf Sequence,
which I no doubt violated some copyright to take a snapshot of. But it
was totally worth it.


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