Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Marriage Advice To Ignore

This CNN article has some great marriage advice to ignore. Most satisfyingly, two of the items on the list have been ones that I've always claimed were not worth ignoring.

The two that I agree most with:

  • Never go to bed angry - Yeah, this is great advice to ignore. Actually, this one I've already commented about here.
  • Your spouse should be your best friend - Yuck. This one I got from my dad (corollaries include: parents shouldn't be your best friend, teachers shouldn't be your best friend. Fishing buddies, on the other hand, can and should be your best friend) and has always made sense to me. My take on it: A wife is way more than someone you hang out with and have a good time with. She's supposed to balance you off, tell you like it is, and be there unconditionally. Forever. (And husbands have to do the same right back). Best friends are great. Spouses are more.

I wish they had documented something about always saying "yes dear". I have a hunch that's not great advice either. Though my father-in-law was always fond of saying "I always have the last word in every argument...'yes dear'."

What marriage advice do you think people should be rejecting?

Update: I've got to give credit where credit is due. Shira IM'ed me this article, but it was originally provided to her by Teresa. Thanks Teresa!


  1. I definitely agree with those 2 items/suggestion. Especially the second. I like the statement you added about 'Best friends are great, Spouses are more.' It is definitely the truth. Part of being a spouse is to be a best friend.

    As for other advise... I've only been married a little more than six months (almost 7) and the only thing I can add is 'Always support your spouse in an honest manner', I guess this comes from me being the husband of a wife in an MBA program a choice that affect both our lives. Basically don't say yes unless you mean it.

  2. Advice? Just remind your wives that they could always be married to this guy.

  3. heck I'm a self admitting Pack Rat, but even that guy make me look sane! (And yes I do have small collection of Star Wars stuff, but it is in a box and in the closet, and definitely not growing)

  4. Brilliant advice Nick!

    Thanks Dave, I plan to use your argument in my next fight with Shira...