Monday, January 28, 2008

OK, Sex Sells - But Come On?

For some reason, this is really bothering me.

OK, a bit of background: A few nights ago, I was listening to the radio and caught Kenny Chesney's Shift Work song. I thought it might have been George Straight singing along, so I decided to Google It to make sure. The first link back was the video for the song.

Now, here's what's been bothering me. Watch the video, and tell me, were the scantily clad gas station girls really needed? I mean, really? It's a song about hard working folk, that has a nice beat and great lyrics - did it really need the sex thing going on it too?

I mean, please. I think it's just so unnecessary, and even takes away from the song.

I'm on the only one who thinks this, right? I guess it's one way to get folks to listen to country music.


  1. I guess I don't see what the fuss is about. If you think this is bad, I'd have to say that you probably haven't watched CMT or MTV in quite a while. There are hundreds, heck thousands of videos, that are *much* worse than this one.

  2. It's not that it was so bad, it's just that it seemed so gratuitous.

    It's like they had a checklist of items they needed in the video. I'm pretty sure the video would have done just as well without it...

    I guess now I see why my parents never got MTV, it must be all smut ;-).

  3. Anonymous9:42 PM

    You did not just complain about 10 seconds in this entire video, did you? I agree with helmy. You are being way too sensitive.

    -Your wife.

  4. Well, you do have a point that the video would have done well without the scantily clad girls, but you won't hear me complaining. Personally, I'm okay with that being on a checklist for music video creation. Other items in this video that I wouldn't mind having on that checklist are:
    - hot car
    - dump trucks with huge wheels

    Gratuitous would have been if the girls were *washing* the car, and spraying each other with hoses, maybe even soaping each other up. That's what I would call gratuitous [and that's what I'd call a fine music video!].

    Anyways, congratulations, you got me to watch a whole country music video, which I would probably never have watched otherwise. All it took was scantily clad women.

    I guess this proves the old adage, "Any publicity is good publicity". By complaining about a music video, you made me cross way over from the music genres I usually enjoy; by not specifically citing a range of times within the video where the potentially-gratuitous display of sexy women could be seen, you made me watch the entire 4 minutes and 51 seconds. Now that's good marketing!

  5. OK, so Dave kinda sorta sees where I'm coming from, that's god.

    Still,Shira thinks I'm crazy.

    And I suppose, if it got one more person to watch a Country music video, then all the better.

    I guess I was in one heck of a mood when I posted this blog entry...

  6. Anonymous11:50 AM

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