Thursday, January 10, 2008

Shira picks a winner

The adventure for day 4 of the i2x retreat happened this evening. To better understand the statistical models that one needs to comprehend to be successful in business, Shira took me to an event based on these sort of working mathematical phenomena. In other words, she took me to the horse track.

I was surprised just how up close and personal you could get to the actual track. I was just a few feet from the horses as they whizzed by, hoofs beating out an impressive sounding rhythm.

Shira entertained herself by learning some of the ins and outs of betting and even managed to win a fairly long shot bet. On her first time betting, she won a trifecta box. What that means, I have no idea, but she walked away a very happy woman, despite the lack of blackjack tables. She does prefer the heat associated with the indoor sport of blackjack, as well, but again, I did not hear her complaining once she won.

Tomorrow we head back to reality. What a fun week it's been, and it's been by far the most rewarding corporate retreat I've ever been on (it's also been the only one, but, whatever).

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