Friday, July 11, 2008

Coming Soon? Eventually? To a book store near you

If you're ever in a book store, and see a book of poetry by an Arlington
taxi driver named Tim, I believe we met him this morning. On our 8
minute drive to the airport, he asked us if we wanted to hear some
poetry. Natch, we said yes. He then asked us for a topic. I mentioned
travel. He then rattled off a poem that consisted of 26 words, from
"Airport" to "Zeinith," and hitting every letter inbetween, in order.

I have to say, I was impressed. I only got slightly nervous as he
pulled out his bound book of poetry to show us his work, while he was

I almost wished we had a longer ride to learn more about this guy. And
more importantly, for me to explain that using Blogger he could be a
published author *today*, with an audiance of millions. Heck, he could
even publish the poetry over SMS - though I'd hoped he wouldn't do it
while driving.


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