Monday, July 14, 2008

That 70's Photo

This photo was included in a memorial slide show from this last weekend. I knew, the minute I saw it, it was a must-post-instant-classic.

From left to right: My grandpa, Me, Cousin Rachel, My Aunt, Cousin Lizzy, David, Josh, Mom and Dad.

If I had to describe myself in that photo, I'd say I was all teeth and socks. Austin Powers has nothing on me. Damn, I looked good.

Special thanks to Ralph for compiling the slideshow - it was beautifully done.


  1. Love the tube socks and how about those Velcro shoes! Looks like you didn't have them properly velcroed?

  2. I was most certainly working on starting a fashion trend at the time. Sure, it didn't take off - but you can't blame me for trying!