Sunday, July 13, 2008

Meet Jersey, The Wonder Dog

This weekend we had Jersey, my cousin Barbara's dog, keep us company. Jersey, I have to admit - and I don't this often, if ever, with dogs - she is both cute, and fun to have around. If I ever have a dog, and I won't, it's this sort of pooch I'd have.

The most entertaining part, though, was when we took a dip in the pool. My mom was doing laps, and Jersey was convinced that she was in trouble. To save the day, Jersey would chase along the side of the pool as she swam, and then leap in with all the zeal of a Baywatch Lifeguard, in to save her. She then doggy paddled around, and eventually made it to the steps. She would let herself out of the pool, and then repeat whole process with as much urgency as the time before.

I was in the water, and had a hard time keeping up with her.

She was a welcome distraction to a difficult weekend.

(Photo by Brother David)



  1. Glad you got to know her! She's by far my favorite dog on Earth! Although we like to tell her that her mommy was a pig (because she has the cutest pink piggy belly) and her daddy was a chicken (see pic of her legs) it is also very important to note that she must have fishy relatives, because she LOVES to swim!

  2. Well described Diane!