Friday, July 11, 2008

Heading To Chicago

Dave and I are off for a quick trip to Chicago. Unfortunately, it's not for the best of reasons - we are heading there to bury our Aunt. She just passed away after a long fight with cancer.

My Aunt was so warm, and so loving. From long ago recollections of trips to California, to recent talks we had on the phone. She always made it clear how important family was, and how much she loved and supported us. And she was a fighter. She kept her spirits up through an impossible roller coaster of diagnoses. She set an example that I hope to learn and emulate.

And then there are my cousins - who have now lost both their mom and dad. There are simply no words, no logic, nothing I can think of to make this even slightly right. I'll be there to give them my love, support and a big old hug. But even that seems like nothing, given their grief.

I'm traveling with David, which has thrown off my usual travel mojo. The good news is that I got the closest gate in the airport, instead of the farthest like usual. That's apparently Dave's thing. But, he also explained to me he's always late, and we are now all but insured to miss our 30 minute layover in Philly. Oh good.

As long as we get there, that's all that matters, I suppose.


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