Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Russo Is Famous - A Detective Story

My friend, past running partner, and previous co-editor in chief of the high school paper, was featured today in the USA Today: Health investigators use props, patience to track salmonella.

The story discusses her job as an investigator for the CDC:

Elizabeth Russo, 32, and Kanyin Liane Ong, 28, arrived in Albuquerque two weeks ago, one of three CDC teams sent to New Mexico to interview people who have become sick in the past few weeks. Their mission is to gather data to answer a troubling question: Why did the first surveys done of salmonella patients in New Mexico point so strongly to tomatoes when later cases seemed to implicate jalapeƱos?

Now, how long before she gets her own TV show?

Congrats Russo, that's just plain awesome!

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