Friday, July 11, 2008

David's Travel Mojo Strikes Again

We get to the airport at like 4:45am, and I'm like "Dave, we are doing
so well - look, our plane is here, waiting for us."

And Dave says - "well, once my flight was delayed because the plane was
here, but a member of the crew was didn't show."

And what happened this morning? Exactly this.

A flight attendent on our original flight, and our fallback flight were
both 30+ minutes late.

The in-person customer service has been good. The phone customer service
was abysmal. The phone rep, who I called to reschedule while in line,
tried to explain to me that he couldn't switch my airline because the
flight was *delayed* not canceled. Even though from my perspective a
delay or a cancel was going to hose my travel schedule the same way.

The good news out of all this is that we got a direct flight to Chicago
instead of one with a stop over. And we still got an exit row. So, at
the end of the day, all appears to be OK.

That's my travel mojo mixing with David's.


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