Saturday, July 05, 2008

Most Underwhelming Fireworks. Ever.

We had the most underwhelming 4th of July fireworks ever. As you can see in the included photos (which I didn't take, thanks Leah!) there's a cloud of debris in the center of the fireworks area.

As the fireworks went on, and on, this cloud got larger and larger, to the point where we couldn't see a thing. It must have been the perfect combination of heat and humidity that made the fireworks totally flop. Of course, we could see other counties' fireworks shows without a problem - it was only the big DC show which was hosed.

I just felt bad for the folks who had been sitting there since 3pm waiting to see the show, only to be treated to the radio of fireworks.

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  1. for our first 4th living in the DC area we attempted to watch them from a friends apt in our building that faces the mall... we had a great view of the Washington Monument but unfortunately the fireworks were blocked by another building.