Monday, July 14, 2008

A Hydrox Moment

Thanks to Jerrie, for bringing this important story to my attention:

Remember Hydrox? AKA "kosher Oreos?" Well, after a long hiatus, these chocolate sandwich cookies are back for a limited time in honor of their 100th anniversary. The Kellogg Company, which produces Hydrox, have launched an "America's biggest Hydrox fans" essay contest, with a grand prize of a trip to New York and a six-month supply of cookies. The contest ends July 14; see for details.

Ahhh, Hydrox. I definitely remember them for being a substitute for, at the time, lard containing Oreos. I can even remember Rabbi Rose, announcing from the Bimah during a sermon that we should all take note -- Oreo had gone Kosher!

I get a bit verklempt just thinking about it.

Thanks for the news Jerrie!

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