Friday, October 02, 2009

DC Activity Hack

With my mother-in-law in town, we wanted to do something fun around DC, but (as usual) weren't quite sure what to do. While we ended up finding a fun activity, I thought my suggestion for what we do had enough merit to get blogged about.

Here's what I suggested:

  1. Visit the What's New section of the Smithsonian website
  2. Have each person in the group choose one exhibit that interests them - and there's no doubling up, everyone has to contribute a single exhibit they'd like to see.
  3. Print out a hard copy of the What's New Page, and mark down everyone's suggestions
  4. Head into DC, and as a group, visit each selection in turn.

If all goes to plan, you'll get a unique taste of what the Smithsonian has to offer, and you may even learn something about your group members.

Throw in stopping for some grub, and I think you've got a fun day with plenty of fresh sites to see.

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