Friday, October 23, 2009

Health Care Stories Without An Agenda

When you talk about something as complicated as health care, it makes sense that we try to simplify matters by trying to find someone, anyone, to blame. It's the insurance companies fault; it's government's fault; it's the doctor's fault; it's the lawyer's faults; and on and on. Of course it's not that simple, and that's why I really enjoyed this week's This American Life episode which discussed various health care topics.

The stories covered the perspectives of doctors, insurance companies, patients, drug makers and more - and did a good job shedding light on why each is acting the way they are, and how each is not intending to act evil. The same goes for the story on how our health care system came together - it's not that it's godo or bad (OK, it's bad), but it just is.

Seriously, give it a listen. And if you miss out on the free download period you can get the story from NPR here, here and here (the stories are a co-production of This American life and Planet Money).

My spirits weren't exactly lifted from listening to these broadcasts - but I do feel more educated, and have a better appreciation for the complexity of the problem.

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