Monday, October 19, 2009

They're Growing Up

One of the perks of this weekend was getting to see some good friends who happen to be in the NY area. We had a lot of fun with them at brunch - their daughters are truly precious. My, have they grown since we last saw them!

As you can tell, Ben had a good time getting educated about cell phones from the girls and learned about a new kids show, Max and Ruby. Shira and the girls had a fun time (not shown) experimenting with buoyancy and other science projects that could be done with everyday diner equipment.

We can't wait to see them again -- maybe they'll come visit DC and we can take them to the Air and Space Museum (hint, hint!).


  1. So cute! But how on earth did they get girls with light hair??? :-)

  2. Yeah, we teased them about the mysterious light hair and random blue eyes.

    But, the kids are sweet just like their I think we skip the paternity test ;-)