Thursday, October 15, 2009

ShockingBarack - Road Trip Marketing

Seriously, what's not to like about the Shocking Barack project? They've got slick technology on their site, an underdog marketing positioning, a road trip adventure, an entrepreneurial spirit and a green message. Heck, even the domain name is cool. Oh, and they've got motorcycles.

OK, so what are they about?

Our plan is to retrace the route of the automotive CEOs who went to Washington DC asking for government loans. But instead of looking for aid, we'd like to present President Obama with a homegrown solution to the transportation crisis. And instead of flying in a corporate jet, we're riding Brammo Enertia powercycles. We're just a couple of guys who work for Brammo, but we want to show that there's a better way to get from Point A to Point B.

That's right, from Detroit to DC be electric motorcycle.

Naturally, you can follow their journey like via twitter or on their website.

Good luck guys!

Thanks AdRants.

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