Thursday, October 22, 2009

Etz Hayim Rennovations Take Center Stage

Our shul is undergoing major renovations - when it's all said and done, the building should be completely revamped. Up to know though, they've been working mostly in the basement and other out of the way places. Well, not anymore - today at minyan I was greeted with a temporary wall in the main sanctuary where the bimah used to be.

I have to say, it's pretty dang sweet to see them moving full speed ahead with these changes.

Sure, it's an inconvenience - but a minor one, all things considered. It actually reminded me of a classic story attributed to Dr. Velvl Greene:

Decades ago, an imaginative Jewish microbiologist named Dr. Velvl Green told a story of a world where some irresponsible nuclear testing has initiated a meltdown of the polar cap. The entire world has three weeks before all inhabitable land will be submerged by the oceans. Muslims gather in Mecca, Catholics in Rome, and atheists just party. Meanwhile, Jews gather to hear the wise words of a revered rabbi. After concluding the afternoon prayer, the rabbi turns to the microphones and announces, "Jews! We have three weeks to learn how to live under water!"

So, nu, we'll learn to live with a little dust and noise while the project is going on.

Looking for a Minyan in the Pentagon/DC area?

I guess I should also insert a plug here: if you're in the DC area, Etz Hayim (get directions) has a small minyan that meets every Thursday at 7:00am (and 9:30am on federal holidays). We're just minutes from the Pentagon and Crystal City, so it shouldn't be much of a schlep. We don't always hit 10 people, so if you're in the area, you'd make a real impact by joining us. All are welcome!

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