Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Deeds v. McDonnell - A Debate That Didn't Settle Much

The Virginia Gubernatorial Election is fast approaching, and I really haven't made up my mind on the question of who to vote for. I was pleased to see that C-SPAN has covered one of the debates between the candidates. I was hoping this would shed some light on who to pick. Alas, it didn't.

Let's see...

  • Transportation wise, I couldn't decipher what each was actually promising. Both seem to have a plan, and both seem clear that the plan of their opponent won't work.
  • Socially, they both align themselves with Obama - mentioning that they agree with the social policies he has put forth
  • In terms of health care, both candidates are against the public option, and if the states get to decide whether to have one or not, both will vote against it
  • Both are against the federal cap and trade plan
  • Neither had a good answer as to how they are going to fund all the cool initiatives they want to offer, other than to providing the usual cliche responses
  • Both spoke reasonably well, taking what appeared to be about the same number of swipes at each other

In some ways, I'm pleased to see that these guys aren't just carrying the national Democrat and Republican debating points to the local level. That shows to me that they are doing some independent thinking. On other hand, I do wish there was a clearer distinction between them to base a choice on.

Oh well. Watch the debate and see what I mean.

Have any suggestions for telling these guys apart?

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