Thursday, October 29, 2009

OhMyGov - A site with some sanity

I liked nearly the moment I finished scanning the home page. The concept is simple but brilliant: highlight both the successes and failures of government, not just one or the other. What I like about this approach is that it's just so dang sane, and not to mention, helpful.

If you spend all your time reading you may get a warm and fuzzy feeling, but you'll be ignoring the fact that there's definitely room for improvement in our government. On the other hand, if you're sole political source of news is from say, well, you're probably ready to secede by now.

Sure, sites on both extremes are fun to read (or amazingly wrong and unfair, depending on your views), they aren't always useful.

See, I really like the whole idea of weighing the merits of what government does, rather than say reflexively taking the opposite opinion under any circumstances (yes, I'm looking at you guys DNC and RNC). I think we'd be a lot better off if folks on both side of the isle had the courage to agree and even praise each other more often.

Now, go read


  1. Thanks for the kind words Ben. Good to see people like you quickly picking up on the concept. There's a lot of good stuff the government is doing; our job is to make sure they do it better and highlight when they're not doing it at all.

    -Andrew Einhorn, CEO

  2. You're welcome Andrew - definitely keep up the good work!