Monday, March 28, 2011

Advice for Getting Through Life's Rough Spots

Some very helpful advice from Unicorns For Socialism on how to deal with life's ups and downs:

Now, a life lived ferociously is bound to include more than a few awkward birth canals. Grotesque break-ups. Nasty business splits. Clients that go A.W.O.L. “Brilliant” choices that bomb. Bad hair. Despair. And every degree of misery in between.

My approach? When life sucks, don’t pretend that it doesn’t — but make sure the suckiness has a limited shelf life. And while you’re crawling towards the shiny neon light at the end of the disco tunnel, LIVE a little, for heaven’s sake. ‘Cause it’s universally impossible for everything to suck. Somewhere, somehow, someone is grinning. So there.

Here's 33 ways to take on life's cruddy moments head on. What a wonderful list.

Here's to misery's very, very, very short shelf life.

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