Monday, March 21, 2011

The Suprising Hero of Purim: The Baking Mat

OK, Hero may be a bit strong, but still, this baking mat we picked up from Bed Bath and Beyond made Hamantaschen creation a lot less painful this year.

Rolling out Hamantaschen dough means either fighting a losing battle with wax paper, or covering every surface with flour and mess. The Baking Mat promised to be the stationary surface that wax paper (plus tape and whatever else I come up with) never is.

We actually were going to buy two of these guys - but we couldn't justify spending $60.00 on kitchen gadgets which may be useless. Fortunately, they are useful and I'll probably pick up another one from Amazon (where the price seems less steep).

Thanks to our friend Lauren for coming over and helping bake up a storm!

Man, I'm so hungry after writing this post. You'll have to excuse me while I duck downstairs to steal another handful of yummy hamantaschenness.

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