Monday, March 14, 2011

A Fort Marcy Hike

Yesterday, we attempted to hit Theordore Roosevelt Island for a little light hiking. Unfortunately, we weren't the only ones with this idea and the place was absolutely packed. Rather than waiting for a parking spot, we continued up George Washington Memorial Parkway a couple miles to Fort Marcy. There's not a whole heck of a lot to see there - a couple of canons and a few signs explaining the locations role in the Civil War.

But, we were able to do a perfect little loop hike around the area, and then jumped on the Heritage Trail for another few miles of perfect woods trampling.

The day was absolutely perfect, and there was barely a soul in sight.

We came to an especially tricky stream crossing - probably the trickiest I've ever considered doing before - and after much debate, decided we'd give it a shot. We all made it across in one piece, me including my 30lb payload of 19 month old.

These trails are really gorgeous - if you live in the DC area and haven't been along the Heritage Trail, you're really missing out.

We even saw a couple of deer on the way back to our car. They were among the tamest dear of I've ever seen. While we tried to stay absolutely silent, our little one was explained to us in his usual loud voice that we had a couple of woof-woofs here. He was very excited. The deer just stared at us, and could obviously sense that we were quite unarmed.

We made it all the way to the Chain Bridge, which cross over a remarkably turbulent Potomac River. The river was definitely angry that day, though I'm not quite sure at what or who.

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