Thursday, March 17, 2011

Got a broken car radio? No problem, I've got a radio guy.

Couple days ago, I go to eject my latest book on CD from my car and instead of the radio producing disks it produced a grinding sound. Not what you want to hear.

Googling around there were basically two options given for fixing this: (1) hit the radio to jiggle it back to life. And (2) cram more CD's in the slot hoping to jiggle it back to life.

Yeah, neither of those approaches worked.

So, we called our Acura dealer and our usual service rep told me she had a guy she could recommend. Her guy: Ramon of Auto Audio Service, Inc.. His phone number: 703-801-2022.

Ramon, like us, is a small business. He removed our radio, brought it back to his shop, got the CD's out for me and repaired it. I didn't have to pay anything until the radio was back and installed. Heck, when I asked him about the CD that he was playing to test-drive the radio with, he told me to just keep it.

Best of all, he makes house calls.

I'd prefer if my radio stayed working, but at least I've got someone call when it breaks.

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