Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The Legend of the Mall Ninja in Movie Form

Hang out on the web long enough, and you'll hear the phrase Mall Ninja - it refers to someone who's acting especially tough when they are anything but (especially with respect to firearms).

I assumed that the phrase just popped up because of the image it conjures up. But, actually, there's a whole back story to the term that I found laugh-out-loud-funny to read. Sure, I didn't get all the gun jokes, but I could still follow along.

But, in this day and age, who has the time to read? Really, you just want to skip right to the movie version. Which someone created using As a side note, xtranormal seems like a remarkable platform for movie creation. Sure, the results may be a bit unusual, but as a platform for spreading creativity - wow.

So, sit back and enjoy: Mall security job advice. (Note, the video has some R rated language in it, so this one isn't for the kiddies). And don't forget to read the original text, too.

And if guns aren't your thing, here's another creation related to acting (I'm sure my cousin Rachel would appreciate this one!):

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