Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What-I-Carry-Wednesday: Pocket Dump

In the tradition of EDC forums, and Flickr: What's in my bag, I give you What-I-Carry Wednesday. I've actually learned quite a bit from others with respect to what gear works and doesn't work from sites like these, so I thought it would make sense to contribute a little back.

The plan is simple: when I have a chance (in theory, on a Wednesday), I'll post some collection of stuff. Like say my camera bag, or portable office. I've done this in the past with my backpacking gear.

So, let's get started.

Seems like the right place to begin is with a pocket dump. Those are always fun.

Here's what's typically in pockets:

  • Plain old white handkerchief. I've carried once since I was 12. It's got a million uses, how does one live without one?
  • Spiral notepad. Probably has the best cost to uses ratio. I find myself scribbling down all sorts of notes, lists and drawings on it all the time. If all else fails, it's a good item to hand to a kid for a few minutes to draw a picture. I like 60 sheet notepads so I can finish them and get that brand-new-notebook feeling often (this one is just about due to be replaced).
  • A wallet which Shira kindly fills with cash.
  • My beloved Swiss Army Knife. I've carried one since I was a kid and can't imagine life without it.
  • A Pilot G2 Pen. It even scores well under stress testing.
  • A Alpha Innovations Stylus Kubotan. I figured I should carry *something* for self defense, and a Kuboton is a simple option. It doesn't give me magic ninja skills, but learning a few simple techniques does give me a slight advantage if someone were to invade my personal space.
  • About 6 feet of paracord. One of these 1000+ use items.
  • A small pill container with a Benadryl for my alergies and a headache relief pill for Shira's migraines. Being able to get rid of a nasty migraine makes this pill basically life saving medication.
  • An REI compass. I've used this way more frequently in an urban context than an outdoor one. The classic case being when I emerge from a subway in an unknown city, I can quickly get oriented. I've found it more reliable than my cell phone's compass.
  • A Photo X-light - super small, super bright, has cool features such as dimming capabilities - it' by far my favorite light. When I go backpacking, it's all I bring with me.
  • An elago mobile USB reader - this thing is super tiny. Inside of it, I have a micro SD card which contains (encrypted) important documents and various useful software apps. I can use the card in my cell phone or camera if needed, and use the reader as a way of grabbing photos from my camera or cell phone if I don't have a cable. This tiny device is amazingly useful.
  • A Fox 40 micro whistle. In cases of emergency, having a way to get people's attention is just too invaluable.
  • A safety pin - ever since I lost a pants button while traveling and was saved by a co-worker who had a safety pin in her purse, I've been sold on the utility of these guys.
  • Not shown: Android G2 phone - thanks to installed apps it's my office, entrainment center, tool kit and information dashboard.

So there you have it.

I'd wonder what my pocket contents say about me - but I think already know: once a Boy Scout, always a Boy Scout.

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