Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Firefox Plugin of the Day: FireFTP

I needed an FTP client that would do FTPS - which, as I learned, is totally different than SFTP. One apparently runs over SSH and one over TLS. Getting all this? Anyway, that's what I needed, and a client pointed me to FireFTP.

I really couldn't imagine needing yet another FTP program. I do most of my FTP'ing with good old ncFTP, which I've always found reliable. And when I do want a graphic FTP (or SFTP) implementation, there's always WinSCP.

But, I have to say, I'm impressed with FireFTP. It runs as a Firefox add-on, which means that if you have Firefox, you don't need to install yet another app. It's got a simple click and drag interface, which is pretty standard these days.

Next time a client asks me for a simple FTP option, I'm going to try sending them to FireFTP. I think it's about as simple as it gets, and does the whole secure thing absolutely painlessly.

1 comment:

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